The EducAfrica Project


One day, quality early childhood education will become an accessible reality to children in Africa


To ensure access to quality education and support of Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) and creation of child-friendly learning environments through Teacher training, equipping of school management and accountability skills and scholarship provision in community schools located in resource-constrained areas in Africa


1. To pursue excellence in all areas of engagement.

2. To encourage the use of imagination in developing ideas and solving problems.

3. To improve capacity through learning from and with each other.

4. To do it right, especially when no one is watching.

5. To cultivate a culture of working together towards finding solutions.

Our Dream Team


Jamal Mohamed


Master in Public Policy & Management

Anne Waweru


Master in Education

Michael Babu


Master in Community Development

Anthony Gakuru

Board Member


Matías Sáenz

Board Member


Team in the Field

Michael Babu

Master in Community Development

Executive Director

Peter Evans

Projects Leader


Alice Wanjiru

 Accountability Leader


Our Story

EducAfrica is born in the year 2013 after the experience lived by chilean volunteers in Saint Martin’s School, a school located in Kibera, Kenya, the biggest slum in Africa. While they were volunteering, teaching and fundraising for the school, these young men realized that the children’s dreams were enormous: some of them wanted to be doctors, or football players, nurses, etc. Even more, one of them wanted to become the President of Kenya. When they noticed these dreams to become something that, given the background they have and the conditions they live, was very far from their reality, these young men asked themselves: if they have the skills, why can’t their dreams become a reality? Why couldn’t these kids be pilots, doctors or even the President of Kenya? Thus, they started gathering people in Chile, professionals vibrating with





the same vision of breaking the poverty cycle in Africa, using the most powerful weapon of all: education. Also, to accomplish a more effective intervention, they partnered up with local institutions in Africa, like Strathmore University of Kenya, along with some social organizations both in Africa and Chile, to support the development of the Scholarship, Educational Advisement and Infrastructure programs.

Nowadays, EducAfrica has grown and there is now a big team of professional volunteers, who contribute with their work so children in the African schools can become the next pilots, doctors, nurses, presidents and more, because the work done by EducAfrica is motivated by the accomplishment of these dreams, which are not unmet because of skills, but opportunities.